Tactical Acquisitions, Limited Liability

Dead by Dawn

After the ordeal with Casaubon in the Cave of Restless Whispers, a return to Restwell Keep saw Dazzle, Darkwing and Trask charged with a new assignment: escorting the warpriest known as Kayden as he journeys beyond the King’s Wall in search of stolen relics of Pelor.

While Erathis and Bahamut continue to enjoy sustained worship, the god of sun and time had seen a decline in followers. Midway through their trek, the party stopped at a small cathedral in the woods. A desolate locale in a complete state of disrepair, the cathedral was evidently one devoted to Pelor.

Though it was an abandoned place of worship, there were many indicators that it had been defiled, as where once stood tapestries and ornaments devoted to the sun god were markings and symbols, devoted to Vecna, the evil god of secrets and necromancy.

Worse still was that a statue of Vecna was bolted upon the emblem of Pelor and the corpse of a priest was stuffed inside a footlocker. Although this greatly incensed Kayden, there was not much time to dwell on his righteous anger.

A great cacophony was heard from outside and no sooner could the party react that they were beset by the undead, whose hunger seemed to be drawn towards the cathedral. While fighting the undead horde off was briefly considered, it was soon realized that their numbers were too great.

Instead, the group had to barricade the cathedral and hope that they could hold out the ravenous assault or find some means of turning them away. Dazzle found herself trying to bolt down windows, while Trask and Darkwing moved furniture about.

Kayden, on the other hand, drew upon his faith to see him and his companions through. A plea to Pelor was answered in spectacular fashion when dawn broke sooner than expected and the sunlight became a divine radiance that smote the undead where they stood.

The Sliver's Call

While having a handful of gems embedded into a magical rod by a local artificer, Dazzle was approached by another customer: an eccentric wizard named Casaubon. Casaubon was interested in hiring her and her friends to enter the Cave of Restless Whispers and procure a scroll he proclaimed stolen from him by a genasi swordmage named Ediza.

Casaubon insisted that this was a job that required haste, as Ediza was supposedly a power mad megalomaniac bent on enslaving the valley. However, Trask and Darkwing were immediately suspicious of his shifty body language and when they pointed this out to Dazzle, she knew immediately that Casaubon was under the influence of some psionic suggestion.

Still, they felt that this was a matter worth looking into, as someone and Darkwing and Dazzle immediately shadowed Casaubon and found that he was creating fool’s gold in place of actual money to pay them with. Dazzle consulted the expertise of Professor Strange, who informed her that the Cave of Restless Whispers was once home to an ancient cult that worshipped the meteor.

Strange urged them to look into it as a possible threat to the valley and the three proceeded to take the job Casaubon offered. What ultimately transpired was a violent excursion into the cave and the ruined temple within, and Casaubon was not reluctant about inciting them to murder. Eventually, they caught up to Ediza who had help in the form of Jango and Reymol, two halfling warlocks.

After they defeated Ediza and her lackeys, Casaubon hastily killed them with a pair of magic missiles, but not before wraith-like spirits from within the inner-most chamber of the cave began to possess him. He transformed into a hideous abomination, his psyche contaminated by the influence of the Chaos Shard that lay within. He presented little challenge to the party, and Darkwing did not hesitate to ensure his demise.

Dazzle, Trask and Darkwing debated on what to do with the cave and the shard, and agreed that the best course of action was to obtain assistance in sealing the cave rather than risk the dangers of handling the shard themselves…

The Eyes in the Forest

On their way back from the lair of the slain dragon Karonzaxus, accompanied by Talok the adamantine wyrmling, the adventurers Dazzle, Darkwing, Trask, Squint and Professor Strange followed an injured steed and ran afoul of a peculiar band of goblins.

The band of goblins were led by a freakish ‘champion’ that sported a crown of thorns and had aberrant eyestalks growing out of his temple. His underlings sported tattoos of eyes and the party dispatched them, but not without Darkwing taking a bit of a beating.

In their pockets were scrolls written in Goblin that read, “Plunder, plunder and plunder. We shall take the treasures of the world and rob it of its wonder.”

The Wayward Wyrmling


While repairing Trask’s armor, Ikos Ironbelly, one of the smiths of Restwell Keep, told the party of a band of adventurers who had recently slain a great adamantine dragon. Ikos made a great profit from selling one a suit of armor made from its scales and seeking to turn a few more sales, he commissioned Trask to enter the slain dragon’s lair and find him more scales. In return, Ikos offered to pay 200 gold per suit and craft Trask a custom fitted suit of adamantine drakescale armor.

Accompanying Trask was Dazzle & Squint as well as Professor Strange, an elderly professor of arcane studies. Recently fired, Strange had no interest in spending his retirement years feeding his dead wife’s cat, so had signed up for the exciting life of high risk and modest income. And so, these four agents of T.A.L.L. traveled past the King’s Wall to gather these scales. When they arrived at the lair, they found that it had been occupied by a quarrelsome bunch of kobolds.

The lair, once full of treasure, had been picked clean by the adventurers before them and little trace remained of a hoard that the adamantine dragon would have had. However, they discovered that the dragon had left behind a child. A wyrmling named Talok had been adopted by the kobold’s leader a shrill-voiced wyrmpriest by the name of Varza.

Talok was being used by the kobolds as a weapon in their petty little battles against innocent villagers and rival kobold clans. In the frenzy of battle, the party brought Talok down as well as the rest of the kobolds. However, they convinced Talok of the error of the lessons that Varza had taught him and he joined the party, certain that he could discover his purpose with them.

Stick in the Mud

T.A.L.L. operatives Darkwing, Dazzle, Squint and Trask were hired by a local sorcerer, a goliath named Voran Earthmane to delve into an abandoned laboratory beneath the ruins of an old keep to find the Staff of Earthen Might, a device that allowed access to a small pocket of the Elemental Chaos.

The four had to contend with squatters in the form of bullywugs, who in typical bullywug fashion had simply contributed to the deterioration of the area. The agents of T.A.L.L. made short work of them but when they found the staff, it was damaged and was causing a bleed between the Prime Material Plane and the Elemental Chaos.

Dazzle used her arcane talents to repair the staff and seal the breach before extraplanar mud could engulf the area while Squint, Trask and Darkwing held hostile mud men at bay. After their success, they surrendered custody of the staff to their superiors at T.A.L.L. who took care of the acquisitional paperwork and eventually passed the object on to Earthmane.


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