Tactical Acquisitions, Limited Liability

Stick in the Mud

T.A.L.L. operatives Darkwing, Dazzle, Squint and Trask were hired by a local sorcerer, a goliath named Voran Earthmane to delve into an abandoned laboratory beneath the ruins of an old keep to find the Staff of Earthen Might, a device that allowed access to a small pocket of the Elemental Chaos.

The four had to contend with squatters in the form of bullywugs, who in typical bullywug fashion had simply contributed to the deterioration of the area. The agents of T.A.L.L. made short work of them but when they found the staff, it was damaged and was causing a bleed between the Prime Material Plane and the Elemental Chaos.

Dazzle used her arcane talents to repair the staff and seal the breach before extraplanar mud could engulf the area while Squint, Trask and Darkwing held hostile mud men at bay. After their success, they surrendered custody of the staff to their superiors at T.A.L.L. who took care of the acquisitional paperwork and eventually passed the object on to Earthmane.



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