Tactical Acquisitions, Limited Liability

The Eyes in the Forest


On their way back from the lair of the slain dragon Karonzaxus, accompanied by Talok the adamantine wyrmling, the adventurers Dazzle, Darkwing, Trask, Squint and Professor Strange followed an injured steed and ran afoul of a peculiar band of goblins.

The band of goblins were led by a freakish ‘champion’ that sported a crown of thorns and had aberrant eyestalks growing out of his temple. His underlings sported tattoos of eyes and the party dispatched them, but not without Darkwing taking a bit of a beating.

In their pockets were scrolls written in Goblin that read, “Plunder, plunder and plunder. We shall take the treasures of the world and rob it of its wonder.”



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