Tactical Acquisitions, Limited Liability

The Sliver's Call

While having a handful of gems embedded into a magical rod by a local artificer, Dazzle was approached by another customer: an eccentric wizard named Casaubon. Casaubon was interested in hiring her and her friends to enter the Cave of Restless Whispers and procure a scroll he proclaimed stolen from him by a genasi swordmage named Ediza.

Casaubon insisted that this was a job that required haste, as Ediza was supposedly a power mad megalomaniac bent on enslaving the valley. However, Trask and Darkwing were immediately suspicious of his shifty body language and when they pointed this out to Dazzle, she knew immediately that Casaubon was under the influence of some psionic suggestion.

Still, they felt that this was a matter worth looking into, as someone and Darkwing and Dazzle immediately shadowed Casaubon and found that he was creating fool’s gold in place of actual money to pay them with. Dazzle consulted the expertise of Professor Strange, who informed her that the Cave of Restless Whispers was once home to an ancient cult that worshipped the meteor.

Strange urged them to look into it as a possible threat to the valley and the three proceeded to take the job Casaubon offered. What ultimately transpired was a violent excursion into the cave and the ruined temple within, and Casaubon was not reluctant about inciting them to murder. Eventually, they caught up to Ediza who had help in the form of Jango and Reymol, two halfling warlocks.

After they defeated Ediza and her lackeys, Casaubon hastily killed them with a pair of magic missiles, but not before wraith-like spirits from within the inner-most chamber of the cave began to possess him. He transformed into a hideous abomination, his psyche contaminated by the influence of the Chaos Shard that lay within. He presented little challenge to the party, and Darkwing did not hesitate to ensure his demise.

Dazzle, Trask and Darkwing debated on what to do with the cave and the shard, and agreed that the best course of action was to obtain assistance in sealing the cave rather than risk the dangers of handling the shard themselves…



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