Tactical Acquisitions, Limited Liability

The Wayward Wyrmling


While repairing Trask’s armor, Ikos Ironbelly, one of the smiths of Restwell Keep, told the party of a band of adventurers who had recently slain a great adamantine dragon. Ikos made a great profit from selling one a suit of armor made from its scales and seeking to turn a few more sales, he commissioned Trask to enter the slain dragon’s lair and find him more scales. In return, Ikos offered to pay 200 gold per suit and craft Trask a custom fitted suit of adamantine drakescale armor.

Accompanying Trask was Dazzle & Squint as well as Professor Strange, an elderly professor of arcane studies. Recently fired, Strange had no interest in spending his retirement years feeding his dead wife’s cat, so had signed up for the exciting life of high risk and modest income. And so, these four agents of T.A.L.L. traveled past the King’s Wall to gather these scales. When they arrived at the lair, they found that it had been occupied by a quarrelsome bunch of kobolds.

The lair, once full of treasure, had been picked clean by the adventurers before them and little trace remained of a hoard that the adamantine dragon would have had. However, they discovered that the dragon had left behind a child. A wyrmling named Talok had been adopted by the kobold’s leader a shrill-voiced wyrmpriest by the name of Varza.

Talok was being used by the kobolds as a weapon in their petty little battles against innocent villagers and rival kobold clans. In the frenzy of battle, the party brought Talok down as well as the rest of the kobolds. However, they convinced Talok of the error of the lessons that Varza had taught him and he joined the party, certain that he could discover his purpose with them.



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