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The Chaos Scar

The Chaos Scar is a long, wide valley carved long ago by the fall of a massive meteor. As the giant rock passed overhead, milk curdled, livestock fell over dead, and ill fortune befell all. The meteor crashed into the earth with deafening force, and red radiance lit the sky for a week. Then it vanished.

The Chaos Scar itself is death to most who wander in. It is filled with evil and riddled with caves both natural and tunneled by generations of monstrous denizens. The deeper one travels into the valley, the deadlier the foes lurking in its caves and hollows. Strange features have been raised, or have simply appeared, within the Scar—circles of standing stones, bizarre towers, grotesque cottages, and other more otherworldly features. Capping off the valley is the fortress of Hallowgaunt, home to the mysterious Brotherhood of the Scar, crowned by a perpetual storm of black clouds and crackling lightning.

Many adventurers have entered the Chaos Scar. Few have returned. Those that do weave dark stories of monsters working in concert as never before. Others tell of monstrous creatures working against one another. Welcome to the Chaos Scar.

Important NPCs, Living and Deceased:

  • Ikos Ironbelly – A dwarven smith who created a custom fitted suit of magical drakescale armor for Trask.
  • Voran Earthmane – A goliath sorcerer from long ago known for his studies and inventions. Created the Staff of Earthen Might. His currently living descendant is Oneus Earthmane.
  • Xor-Souf – A long-dead githzerai from another plane who was chasing the strange meteor that created the Chaos Scar.
  • Talok – An adamantine dragon wyrmling, previously manipulated by kobolds, currently accompanying the party as he searches for meaning in his life.
  • Sindjehn – A judgmental, snippety priest of Pelor who practices the faith in a small shrine beyond the King’s Wall.

Important Locations

  • Restwell Keep – Founded ages ago by a long forgotten lord, Restwell Keep has kept a sentinel’s post over the Chaos Scar, and serves as the town base for T.A.L.L.

Important Organizations

  • TALL – A high risk organization formed with the goal of providing employment to skilled treasure hunters while repossessing dangerous artifacts.

DM Reference: Outstanding Plot Threads

  • The Mystery of Voran Earthmane – What was Oneus’ ancestor doing in the valley, and why did he build such bizarre artifacts? What purpose were these strange tools supposed to serve and why base himself out of the valley, BEFORE the arrival of the meteor?
  • Pelor, The God of Radiant Provenance or Burning Hate? – Ancient texts suggest a less than benevolent side to Pelor. Does the sun god work in mysterious ways to shine brightly upon the land, or are these texts a true indicator of his malfeasance?
  • The Chaos Shards – The valley is littered with these pieces of the meteor, which inflict strange and unpredictable effects upon the local ecology. Are they just random aberrant devastation, or are they all connected to some larger, sinister or perhaps sentient force?
  • The Unseen Adventurers – Everyone in Restwell is talking about a collective of unnamed adventurers who seem to be roaming the valley acquiring vast treasures and wielding great power? Are they just rivals or are they up to something else?
  • The Treasure of Restwell Keep – Common knowledge is that Restwell Keep was once the base of operations of a group of bandits and adventurers. Rumor has it that hidden within some of the more obscure features of the keep is their fabulous wealth, guarded by magickal constructs.

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