Restwell Keep

Restwell Keep

Here and there, standing on the narrow edge between civilization and the hungry dark, stand a few bastions of justice and law. Restwell Keep, so named by its current inhabitants, is one such edifice.

Founded ages ago by a long forgotten lord, Restwell has kept a sentinel’s post over the Chaos Scar for time out of mind. It has served as a hobgoblin warlord’s fortress, a bandit gang’s hideout, and now as an outpost of civilization in a monster-infested wilderness.


Based on conversations a visitor might overhear at the Stumbling Giant tavern and inn, residents rank arguing about the keep’s history right behind gossip and ahead of the weather when it comes to topics of conversation. The basic gist of its origin and most notable inhabitants is agreed upon, but long debates on the veracity of a legion of rumors and legends persist.

The long list of past residents is a rambling collection of heroic crusaders against the Chaos Scar, would-be dictators eager to carve a fiefdom out of the wilderness, and monsters seeking a defensible lair. The keep has also stood empty for years at a time, claimed by wild animals, weeds, and little else.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Perin Dryce – A paladin of Erathis who defeated the previous inhabitants, the Six Blades of Fortune, and remained as ruler. Much to the chagrin of locals, Dryce intends to turn the keep into a bastion of order and civilization.
  • Arik Forgewell – A dwarven artificer who practices his trade in an outdoor stall. He can craft enchanted items for those with the gold and the items.
  • Gorn Thorfal – A dwarven engineer who is responsible for maintaining the catapults
    and ballistae that protect the keep. He and his brother Brann also contribute to the restoration of the keep’s original stonework.

Past Inhabitants

  • Grim Eye – A hobgoblin king whose angry scowling likeness persists as carvings above some of the doorways in the keep.
  • Greysen Ramthane – An (in)famous dwarven bandit who was the scourge of the Nerathi borders for many years. Many believe his loot is hidden somewhere in the keep.
  • Six Blades of Fortune – A band of adventures with unquestionably evil dispositions who ruled from the keep and used it as their base of operations.

Restwell Keep

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