T.A.L.L. is an enigmatic organization that has emerged in various towns across the face of the Nentir Vale. Headed and financed by the seemingly infinite coffers of a dwarf named Raj, T.A.L.L.’s stated goal is the preservation of Nerathi, Arkhosian and Turathi culture and history, and safeguarding the future of the known world.

To that end, T.A.L.L. employs various freelancers to acquire various relics and artifacts, research threats and ensure that whatever threats may come to the future of a civilized world can be stopped. However, a lack of transparency on T.A.L.L.’s part has also led to much rumor and speculation on its true purpose.

Some suggest that T.A.L.L. is an organization controlled by the power mongers of previous empires, bent on control and domination. Others surmise that T.A.L.L. wishes to harness the power of its acquisitions to arm and supply the army of some dark master.

Important Figures

  • Raj – The dwarf financier of T.A.L.L. who is rarely seen or heard from.
  • Selduzar – The tiefling who is T.A.L.L.‘s representative in Restwell Keep. He currently resides in a converted barracks referred to as ’Kobold Hall.’ It is a short distance from Restwell Keep.
  • TALL

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